Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

Curacao vakantievilla aan Zee

Terms And Conditions

The House Rules are part of these terms and conditions. These house rules are sent together with the contract to tenants/guests. Option on your vacation rental:
One option agreement is possible and is valid for 2 days. Option agreements can be requested only via e-mail. Free quotes are valid for 15 days. Copy of the passports of all guests are to be emailed 4 weeks before arrival date to mrs. L. Jansen at

Reservation and deposit for your villa vacation
For payment by bank wire, and other payment methods you will receive an invoice via email with the necessary instructions. Within 5 days after the invoice date, payment of 25% of the total amount is required to confirm the reservation. This only applies if you book more than 60 days before arrival. For bookings within 60 days prior to arrival, the full payment of the rent including deposit is required to make your booking. The balance, including deposit, must be paid 60 days before arrival, otherwise your reservation will be forfeited. By payment of the 25% down one agrees to this terms of conditions. No down payment of 25% or full prepayment within 60 days to arrival means no reservation.

Payment of the villa
The payment is done by bank transfer to an account specified on the contract.
Cancellation policy of your vacation rental on Curacao
Cancellations are subjected to the following conditions:

  • Cancellation is possible up to 30 days before the check-in date in which case the guest shall receive a refund of 75% of the total rent.
  • Cancellation less then the 30 days before arrival: the full rent is due. All deposits paid to date are non-refundable except for the damage deposit, which will be refunded.
  • If the guest leaves earlier than the agreed departure date, no part of the rental is refunded. Only your deposit will be refunded after deduction of costs.
  • A cancellation will only be accepted on working days during office hours. Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You can do this by phone, E-mail or send a text message.

For not showing up, delays, and early departures, no refund of the rental costs is possible.
We therefore recommend a cancellation and travel insurance.
Arrivals and Departures

Check- in and check-out
Check-in for the vacation villa is from 16:00. Earlier is not possible in connection with cleaning of the villa. Checkout is before 10.00 hours A.M. In case of late checkout € 80 is charged per hour. 

Procedure on arrival at Villa Sea Paradise Curacao
You will receive prior to your arrival at the villa the key/code of the resort lock and additional information from our facility management. The number of people staying in the villa must be the same number as passed communicated when the booking was done. It is not allowed for people who are not listed on the booking to make use of (bed) facilities of Villa Sea Paradise.

Upon arrival you will receive an explanation and the inventory will be inspected together with you. The manager will also explain how the villa (especially the kitchen) should be left behind on departure. The meters of the electricity and water will be registered in your presence on arrival and departure. On departure a final inspection on the inventory, possible damages will be conducted in your presence.

Refundable Damage Deposit
A security deposit of € 600 is due for the entire stay. This deposit, after deduction of any damage costs, additional cleaning work and extra electricity or water, will be reimbursed within 2 weeks. If any damage happens during your holiday, it should always be reported to the manager even if the tenant repairs them. Alarm system

The villa is equipped with an alarm system. The tenant is obliged to activate it when everyone leaves the villa. The tenant is responsible if the alarm is not activated and damage due to theft or burglary was committed. For security reasons 2 cameras are placed: one at the front door and the other on the side of the villa behind the 2nd parking lot.

Villa insurance: furniture and building

The villa is insured for furniture and building. The properties of the holiday tenants are not insured on this policy. We recommend you to take a travel insurance.

Groups of youth in the villa

The villa is not for rent to youth groups and student groups. To rent the villa the renter must be 25 years or older. The villa is only rented for vacation purposes. Celebrations and parties are not allowed in the villa. Holding parties and other gatherings with more than the number of persons booked, is not allowed. If in doubt contact the owner.

Included in the rental price of your vacation home
The rent includes:

  • Towels & bath towels.
  • Water to 2 cubic meters free per day. Additional cubic meters is charged at € 9.
  • Electricity is free up to 60 KWh per day. When more than 60 KWh per day is used, additional KWh is charged at €0.55. The surplus will be deducted from the deposit. Anticipated average consumption of 60KWh per day (for 8 persons) can be considered when all 4 air conditioners are to be used only by night.
  • Maintenance of the swimming pool is twice a week.
  • Free access to Papagayo Beach Club
  • Bed linen and kitchen towels

Not included in the rental price of the villa

  • End cleaning and in between cleaning. These costs are charged separately.
  • Groceries on arrival. This is possible at request at the costs of 50 ANG cost per service
  • Tourist tax 7%
  • Additional consumption of water and electricity
  • Airport transportation visa versa.
  • Depositing your garbage in the green garbage container outside.
  • If rented for more than 1 week twice a week the house is cleaned of which one in-between for changing bed linen.
  • Smoking , pets and parties in the villa


The whole villa is a non smoking area. Smokers should go outside the premises to smoke. It is not allowed to smoke on the porch (wooden portion). Smoking can be done under the palapa.
In case of violation a professional company is hired to clean the villa from smoke smell. The cost of $400 will be charge to your account. Please leave no cigarette butts in the garden behind. Dispose of the cigarette butts in the waist basket. Furthermore pets are not allowed in the villa.
Please do not feed cats and animals that roam the premise.

Keeping parties and gatherings

Keeping parties and other gatherings with more than the number of persons booked presence is not allowed. If in doubt, please contact the owner.
It is not allowed to have Chef cooks/ chefs, bartender or a third party, paid or unpaid to serve and conduct business in the villa.
Liability for your vacation on Curacao

The tenant is liable for damage caused by his/her actions or those of his/her fellow guests to the villa, pool, garden and furniture. The vacation villa offers sleep accommodations for 8 persons. It is not permitted for more than 8 persons to stay over the night.
It is forbidden for children to be unattended near the pool and on the sea terrace. Villa Sea Paradise is not responsible for this.
It is in your own interest to leave the villa behind in tidy condition (See House Rules).

Villa Sea Paradise Curacao is not liable for:

For accidents that happen in and around the villa.
The private pool in the villa is less than 2 meters deep in some places. Diving in the pool is strictly prohibited and therefore at your own risk. The depth of the sea under the sea terrace is less than 2 meters.
Again diving or jumping from it are at your own risk.
Theft, damage injury or loss of your properties during the rental period in the home
Temporary failures and malfunction of equipment in and around the villa
Temporary disruptions in electricity and water supply
Violation of the rules applicable on the resort
Force majeure of any kind
Nuisance from and inconvenience of activities outside the – rented property
Damage by (natural) disasters
Errors or omissions on its website

Management of Villa Sea Paradise Curacao

The villa is cleaned regularly and sometimes there are immediate repairs necessary. For this the villa must be accessible to allow staff on behalf of Villa Sea Paradise Curacao to enter the villa. You will be informed and notified about this in advance, so you know when and who to expect. We hope on and appreciate your understanding in the above matters. The contract of Villa Sea Paradise Curacao only applies to the Dutch Antillean law.

These General Conditions are applicable to your stay in Villa Sea Paradise Curacao. The House Rules are part of the General Conditions. If you book the villa you agree to these terms.